Interstate Trucking Authority

Don’t let paperwork slow you down.  Motor Carrier HQ will file your new Motor Carrier Authority for a low cost and we guarantee it gets filed correctly, all within One Hour.

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Intrastate DOT Number

If you are a private carrier or if you are intrastate (you stay within one state) you typically only need a DOT Number. Motor Carrier HQ will file for your US DOT Number for a low cost.

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Broker Authority

Do you want to be a freight broker arranging transportation across state lines?  Let us file the paperwork for your Broker Authority so you can focus on growing your business.

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UCR Filings

Completing your UCR filing is fast and convenient, but it does need to be done on time. If you need help registering or renewing your UCR, we can help you! We will take care of it all.

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We Save You Time

Understanding the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration can be time consuming and challenging. Answer a few simple questions and we’ll accurately prepare the application and get your MC number issued within One Hour.

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We Save You Money

You’ll save on FMCSA Registration, UCR fillings, DOT Numbers and more.  We’ve developed a fast, efficient system so we can provide our services for less than our competition.  You won’t find lower fees from a reputable company, Guaranteed.

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We Give You Peace of Mind

Don’t worry about your Motor Carrier Permit application getting delayed because of mistakes or errors. We have been doing this for a long time, and we will do it right the first time. We have a process in place to make sure your grant date is never delayed, so you’ll be on the road as soon as possible.