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We are so confident we offer the best price for our services that if you can find a better advertised price, we’ll beat it by $10.  Go ahead, look around, bet you can’t find anything lower.

brain-flat-v3 Quality Guarantee

If there is a delay in processing your application or if it is rejected because of an error on your application, we’ll refund $95 of your fee.  Even if it is an error you made that we should have caught.

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Motor Carrier HQ can keep you on the road and out of the paperwork.  We save you money on FMCSA filings, UCR fillings, DOT Numbers and more.  Our service fees are much lower than other reputable registration services. Guaranteed.

Broker Authority


We have partnered with hundreds of Motor Carriers and Brokers

across the nation and are equipped to handle all your filings

so you can stay focused on what’s important,

making $$$$$$.