Intrastate DOT Number – $95

Don’t let paperwork slow you down.

Woman in Truck If you are a private carrier or if you are intrastate (you stay within one state) you typically only need a DOT Number. Motor Carrier HQ will file for your US DOT Number for a low cost and we guarantee it gets filed correctly, all within One Hour.  If your application is submitted during regular business hours we will call you within one hour with your DOT Number.  Submit the application outside of business hours we’ll have everything to you early the next business day, if not sooner.  If we fail to make the one hour time hack during our regular business hours, we will give you a $50 credit toward enrollment in our DOT Compliant Drug & Alcohol Testing Consortium. If you are like a lot of truckers, paperwork slows you down.  We know you aren’t getting into the transportation business because of your love of paperwork.   Let us worry about your paperwork and filing your registrations on time.  We offer other great services like: UCRfilings, Motor Carrier Authority, and Broker Authority.

Common Questions about getting a US DOT Number

get-started-cirIf you or your business is operating a vehicle and your are being compensated for what you are doing, you will need a DOT number if you can also answer yes to any of the following questions:

Do I need a DOT Number?

  • Does your vehicle or vehicle and trailer have a gross vehicle weight rating over 10,000 pounds?
  • Is your vehicle designed to transport more than 8 people (including the driver) and you cross state lines?
  • Is your vehicle designed to transport more than 15 people (including the driver)?
  • Do transport hazardous material in quantities requiring placarding?

If you are for-hire, meaning you are hauling other people’s property, and you cross state lines you will probably need an operating authority as well.  Click to learn more about Motor Carrier Authority.

What do I need to provide?

  • Our simple online application will gather the information we need to complete your FMCSA Registration

How long does the filing take?

  • Once you have your number and everything else is in place to run a business you are good to go
  • We’ll stay in contact with you throughout the process so you stay informed

Are there any hidden costs?

  • The process is pretty simple if all you need is a DOT Number, there are no other costs tied directly to obtaining your US DOT Number
  • Depending on your type of operation, you may need other services including: Drug & Alcohol Consortium, Audit Assistance, etc.
  • You may also need additional filings depending on what and where you haul, if you are unsure, just drop us a line and we’ll help you out

For more information see our resources area or contact us at or (866) 739-2032 with specific questions.